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  • 问题补充:谁有意大利电影《美丽人生》的英文影评或者介绍?
  • 剧情: ? Set in late 1930s Arezzo, Italy, Jewish man and poet, Guido Orefice (Roberto Benigni) uses cunning wit to win over an Italian schoolteacher, Dora (Nicoletta Braschi) who's set to marry another man. Charming her with "Buongiorno Principessa", getting the timing perfect every time and whisking her away on a green horse (don't ask!) ensures they soon live together happily in Guido's uncle, Eliseo Orefice's (Giustino Durano) house. Bringing up their 5 year old boy, Giosué (Giorgio Cantarini), the war continues without them noticing until one fateful day when the Germans arrest Guido and his son in their bookshop, and transfer them to a concentraction camp. Dora demands to be taken too, thus Guido is devastated to see his non-Jewish wife board the train.Protecting his son from the vile truth, Guido tells Giosué that they are just on a big hoilday, and he turns the camp into a big game for Giosué, claiming that they must win 1000 points to win a real tank and leave. His elderly uncle, however, is on a different "team" and is lead towards the showers first. Guido must complete "tasks" for the camp "moderators" (ie. the Nazi SS), while avoiding the impending fate with everything he can offer. His quick thinking saves Giosué from the truth when a German officer requires a translator. Despite not speaking a word of German, Guido steps forward and makes up the "Regole del Campo" from the German's body language, claiming that tanks, scoreboards and games of Hide and Seek litter the camp, while cleverly stating that Giosué cannot cry, ask for his mother or declared he's hungry, resulting in the loss of the "game", in other words, death.Giosué later refuses to take a shower, and unknowingly escapes being gased, so Guido hides him with the help of other Italian prisoners, since there are no other children. Playing messages over the tannoy for Dora, kept prisoner on the other side of the camp, the family build up hope, only to be diminuished by the SS. With the help of Guido's former German friend, Herr Lessing, Guido can hide Giosué amongst the German children, while waiting the German Officer's meals. With the days becoming steadily worse, Guido realises that time is short and that he must make certain sacrifices if his son is ever to see the tanks roll over the hills, and be reunited with his mother. Giosué is pessimistic, and doesn't believe that there are any real tanks or games.Hiding Giosué in a junction box for the last time, telling him that everyone is looking for him, Guido jeapordises his own survival to prevent the Germans discovering Giosué, while he attempts to free Dora, giving his own life away at the same time. The Americans break into the seemingly deserted camp the following morning. Giosué immerges just as a tank pulls around the corner. Hitching a lift out, Giosué soon spots his mother and the film closes. ? 评论:The Best Movie I've seen for a long long time, 6 December 1999 Author: kvonarx from Halifax, Canada I am surprised about the negative comments that some people made on this web-page. I can see how some people might not experience the same kind of uplift or joy that most of us lived through when seeing the movie. But that some viewers felt insulted and betrayed because the movie did not depict "reality" as it really was or is, is not fair.I must concur with my fellow proponents of the movie — it was a great and very satisfying movie. It provided me with something that everyone in one or another shape or form needs — Hope. The movie showed the cruelty of life and yet managed to shed some light and insight into the beauty of love and life in general.I urge anyone who has not seen La Vita è bella to go out there and watch it. If we all take with us just little bit of that hope and love that this movie is trying to convey; this world would be a much better place.Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed or will enjoy the movie as much as I did.
  • 求意大利电影《美丽人生》的英文影评或者介绍。

  • 问题补充:求意大利电影《美丽人生》的英文影评或者介绍。
  • 《美丽人生》英文内容介绍: Plot Summary for Vita è bella, La (1997) In 1930s Italy, a carefree Jewish book keeper named Guido starts a fairy tale life by courting and marrying a lovely woman from a nearby city. Guido and his wife have a son and live happily together until the occupation of Italy by German forces. In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp, Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize for winning is a tank. 《美丽人生》英文影评: This is one of those movies that have a lasting effect on you. After watching it, I found that it has less to do with the Holocaust and more to do with the human feelings and the beautiful relationship of a father and his son. The holocaust provides the ultimate context, that brings and highlights the story and adds yet another deep dimension to the movie. No such piece of art has ever before combined laughter and tears of sadness in me before and that is the miracle of the movie. The realism of the movie is not its strong point, but then again it is not supposed to be; this helps in bringing the audiences to a state of mind away from reality, focusing on the feelings generated by forgetting about all external events and developments of the war. Despite that, the movie does not fail to point out an element of the nazi psychology demonstrated by the doctor who was obsessed with riddles. This portrayed the nazi 'state of mind' (if ever such an expression existed) as a sick mentally disturbed state. Life is really beautiful as you watch Guido's relentless efforts to make a lovely exciting experience of the concentration camp to his son. You get exhausted just watching him going through his painful day and yet you smile as he speaks to his son and makes him laugh. One can go on forever describing the creativity of this movie, but one will not be able to capture all its beauty in writing.
  • 哪里有《人工智能》的英文影评?

  • 问题补充:哪里有《人工智能》的英文影评?
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  • 问题补充:有人看过电影然后吗?死亡的信使的那部片子.愿意的人说说感受吧.谢谢.
  • 没看过诶~~LZ这个是美容的频道哦~应该换个频道问
  • 电影《翻山》影评有哪些?

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  • ”翻山相关评论编辑只需感受,不必理解/strong有幸看完了青年导演杨蕊的《翻山》,思绪颇多
  • 电影《霸王别姬》的影评

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  • 我就不给你贴影评了,去豆瓣上看吧,一共428条评论呢,慢慢看吧!!
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  • 问题补充:影评电影版《奋斗》
  • 剧中台词:   ——我的创意有这么差吗?   ——老板只评价八个字:脱离生活,胡编乱造。    当然,这也是适合这部电影得评语。    这部剧堪称《奋斗》的电影版,剧情简述如下:   一个年轻有为的动画设计师整日宅家里三餐不忧,有钱有房有事业,只是缺个女人。很不幸,上帝又把唯一缺的一份补给了他,一个正点且不要人养的空姐主动要求和他同居,并带来了他事业的井喷。不过结果是否他们其乐融融的过下去,这段日子都是人们一辈子可遇不可求的。所有剧情都在一个复式结构的住宅中展开,你能否想起《奋斗》里那个乌托邦?小视角则象借鉴了情景喜剧的模式,但飞机出事的事件则毁了这唯一的亮点。    这部电影能够上映,不得不鸣谢下起点中文网等YY网站媒体的鼎力支持,当起点的作者们能够让无数学生在上课时弯腰捧着诸如《我和XX同居的幸福生活》并想入非非的时候,这部电影才有了市场,才能让无数男女付钱走进电影院。一部彻头彻尾的避世之作,当男主角以才气征服美女时候,不知道屏幕前的男同胞们是否还在为稍顺眼的女生们不搭理自己而苦恼?是否也期待一个人到寝室从你的平凡之处发现你的不凡之处,而又疯狂的爱上你?当装成按摩女郎的冉静闺蜜色诱主角而主角不为所动时,当女方不顾一切的要住进一个不熟的陌生男人家里的时候,我只能称呼它们为非人类之间的爱情。而当一对高挑可爱的空姐们在男主角家起舞时,堪称电影里看到的YY画面巅峰作。    突然想起神作《蜗居》横空出世的时候,网上对李念的批评,多数是涉及剧情或身材的攻击,而半年前《我的青春谁做主》里那个钱小样已被人铭记。或许,王珞丹演出了女孩心中幻想的自己,而李念却演出了她们不愿承认的那个真实的自己。王珞丹更可爱,李念更可敬吧。    剧中提到不恋爱主义,这个看似宏伟的命题很无聊,这年头任何一个领域的观念都自称主义,并以此引导自己的行为,何谓主义?自我炒作主义。
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